JJ Wing Shooting is a venture of two friends, Juan M. Torregrosa and Juan F. Sander, looking to blend work with their passion about outdoor activities. Combining their different expertise, they founded JJ Wing Shooting.

Besides managing his families "estancia", Juan M. Torregrosa has 8 years experience in the wealth management business at Merrill Lynch. Juan F. Sander has been organizing hunting trips in Argentina and Uruguay for the last 6 years.

  After a year of scouting and brainstorming JJ Wing Shooting is now open for business, based on the following principles:

Operating only at their Lodges.
Receiving one party at the time.
Providing high-end service and accommodations, whilst keeping the country-style feeling at all Lodges.
Constantly scouting for new experiences, away from the "main stream" destinations.

Note: JJ Wing Shooting complies with all requirements imposed by the National Arms Registration Office (RENAR) and is a member of the Argentine hunting and Fishing Chamber (CACYP).